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    Auto Tent:

    The roof Tent, also known as the "home" on the roof of the car, have a history of five and sixty years with the development of the automobile manufacturing industry. With the increase of car ownership in China, self driving tourism is gradually warming up, and the roof tent is one of the optional equipment for outdoor self driving tour.

    With the development of roof Tents in recent years, more and more new products appear in our field of vision, and the streamlines from appearance to weight loss have been significantly improved. This effectively increases the convenience of travel.

    The desire for nature and the interesting experiences on the road are the impulse to travel in our hearts. As Kerouac once wrote in ON THE ROAD, "I'm young, I'm eager to get on the road." The emergence of roof tents has made a more practical and fashionable way of traveling for travelers who can't afford RV and don't want to sleep on the cold rough terrain. Let our car go on the top of the tent, and you will find the way to your own, and you will know how to enjoy the beauty of nature.

    At present, it has been spread from abroad to China. There are many professional roof tent brands, and all kinds of off-road vehicles, SUV, wagon, MPV and car have matching products.

    What kind of tents are there on the auto roof?

    There are three kinds of the roof tent: the first one is manual, the need to build their own hands to the tent, the ladder placed inside the tent, but the space will be relatively large, but also in the car under a ladder built enclosure of a large space, used for washing clothes, bathing, put the seat rest for a picnic, very practical the price is the cheapest.

    The second one is the fully automatic roof tent driven by motor. It is more convenient to open and retract. It can be automatically completed in 10 seconds. The top grade is also high, and it also avoids the trouble of pitying and pitting, and saves a lot of energy and time.

    The third is the helicopter type automatic roof tent, and the biggest difference between the second is unfolding and folding faster, generally all glass steel roof, folded roof is very clean, occupies little space, the most simple and beautiful, but the space is also the smallest, did not provide more shelter.

    What kind of car can be added to the roof tent?

    The most basic condition for roof tents is to have roof luggage rack, so cross-country and SUV models are the most suitable. Other models must first install roof bearing luggage rack according to vehicle conditions before adding roof tents. The weight of the general roof tent is about 60KG, the weight of a family of three is about 150-240KG, while the load of most cars is calculated by ton, so as long as the quality of the luggage rack is strong enough, the bearing capacity of the roof is no problem. It is suggested that the separation type longitudinal bar or cross bar should be installed, most of which can reach the dynamic load of more than 75KG. The distance from the roof should be up to about 4cm. As long as these conditions, in addition to A0 level sedan models, most of the above models are available through (own or installation) bearing a luggage rack, to install roof tent.

    What are the advantages and disadvantage of the auto tents?

    The auto roof tents have many unparalleled advantages, so they are welcomed by the numerous friends of the donkey. To have a tour pal, as long as the roof tent, then can not schedule constraints, whenever and wherever possible can "pitch camp without looking for the hotel", but also saves a lot of accommodation expenses. Enjoy a picnic, barbecue and enjoy the beauty of the night lying on the roof in the tent to see the bright sky, wake up in the morning the first time to enjoy the sea breeze, breeze baptism, I think this is the charm of camping.

    The strength of the high strength roof tent fabric and metal structure mostly experienced wind, rain, sand, and even warm layer, can rely on the vehicle itself off-road ability to non pavement even desert, Gobi, mountain, sea, compared to sleep in the car, it can save more space inside the car, carrying more baggage, also can sleep more family members or partners. More importantly, the "roof rack superior" is effective to avoid the snake rodent infestation.

    Of course, the roof tents of the shortcomings are also obvious, in the cause of the importance, installation will increase wind resistance, will bring oil consumption. Secondly, the current roof tent prices are generally more expensive, and it is not convenient at midnight on the toilet, up and down the ladder to pay attention to safety.

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